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Retired US Military. Now Project Manager in Barbados

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Retired military, 1969-1993. "Played" in the jungles, woods, mountains and sand boxes all around the world. Visited all continents except Antarctica - Brrrr, too cold for me!

After retiring from active duty, I worked as a Deputy Project Manager, Jamaica 1993-97.
Returned to Florida, completed Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, CJ - with a minor in History & Masters Degree in CJ, University of North Florida, 1997-2001.

Instructed CJ at a university in Jacksonville, FL, 2002-04; Academic Department Chair, 2004-08. Now, a Project Manager in Barbados, 2011 to present, or until about 2016 when the contract is completed - then retiring completely! Winter weather here in Barbados is delightful! Summers aren't so bad either.

I am also a SCUBA Divemaster and working in the Caribbean makes it so much easier to enjoy this sport regularly!

I use humor in all possible situations, as I find it is better to laugh than cry and I guess it comes from some of my military experiences. If you criticize my opinion , that is okay. However, should you"attack" me, I will fire a salvo right back at your "grid coordinates" (screen name, LOL) that will have you ducking for cover, so to speak. Keep it civil and so will I.

I can see both sides of a controversary but make decisions based on my conscience. Also, I adhere and believe in the Gadsen Flag concept of "Don't Tread on Me".

Lastly - "I ate the last Mango in (each country I visited)" and I enjoy Buffett and Barefoot Man music! Fins Up and the Rum is fine any time of the year!

Have a Good Day!

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